Davie, Florida

My mother purchased a long-term care policy and contributed more than $60,000 in premiums over several years. Once she was released from the hospital for various issues, she opened a claim for in-home care.

The agency was nice enough to begin care for us but after a few weeks they had to stop service as Genworth denied the claim. Her benefits were not allocated and she had to pay out of pocket. What's the point of having LTC insurance if you cannot use it? Unreal!

I will never recommend their services to anyone. We are in the process of switching her to a different provider

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Read the fine print, people. You must demonstrate a long term need, not short term.

Genworth does not cover short term in home care needs. Only long term. Have a broken arm? Forget it.

Not covered. But have a broken arm, continued fall risk, chronic inability to walk, uses a walker just as she did before the broken arm, yes, covered. Now she has chronic memory issues lasting more than three months?

Covered See the difference? Must demonstrate long term need.


That's exactly what they want you to do......go to another company.