New York, New York

I just recieved a notice of a 60 percent increse on my Genworth Policy Due Nov.2015

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I hate to be a jerk, but did you read your policy? There's no limit on annual premium increases!

They've got you over a barrel. The only way to stop paying premium is to start a claim-- recent falls (doctor visits recommended), difficultly walking, need a walker, can't remember what day it is are good places to start.However, did you know that annual long term insurance premium increases are regulated by a government body?

My objective is to uncover lobbying efforts by Genworth to persuade government reps to increase premiums exorbitantly. What bribes has Genworth given these government reps?


How do we start a class action against Genworth-scamming senior citizens for Long Term Care with a 60% raise in premium. If anyone out there knows about a class action starting or in the process please advise.

Thank you-How much for each policy a 60% raise-absolutely ridiculous!!!

We barely make it on social security, medicare and supplementary insurance. We must take them on.

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