Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania
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In intend to pursue a class action suit on behalf of Genworth longterm policy holders.

They have misrepresented the product. Most of us believed the rate was fixed over the term of policy as long as you kept payments up to date.

As we all know Genworth has increased their rates.

Genworth's actuaries made a huge miscalculation of term rates years ago and they want us to pay for Genworth's mistake.

This is not fair.

Who would buy an insurance policy without knowing what the short and long term cap rates were? Would anyone really buy a long term policy that would allow an insurance company to determine any rate they wanted each and every year?

If you are interested in joining a class action suit (especially if you are from Pennsylvania) please feel free to contact me ASAP at

Thank You


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Nov 2018, just received notice of 4th Genworth premium rate increase in nine years, bringing total increase to 90%. Am going to take "Pay nothing more" option as I have no faith that this sleazy firm will not continue to aggressively raise premiums or ever pay out a dime of benefits without a hassle.

The problem is that the only "benefit" we get is the cash value of our already paid premiums IF we ever successfully file a claim.

Since that day is likely to be 20 years down the road, and since Genworth is not going to credit us for the interest that money earns sitting in their investment account, we will be lucky if it buys 1 day of nursing home care when we need it. The right thing for Genworth to do is return the already paid premiums so that I can invest them against future needs.


My claim was filed in August it is now December. Same nonsense with this company as everyone else has experienced. We need to get together and get media attention on this company as well as class action.


I filed a legit claim and they have been bullying me for a 1.5 years since they forced me to quit my claim even though I still needed home care and they owe me thousands. Now, I just had my state's AG at my door because Genworth is trying to say I was committing fraud!!!!

Unbelievable!!! I'm ready to file against them...class action, FTC, whatever it takes.

It's just hard when you are not feeling well and these people start bullying you. They prey on the weak and elderly.


1) Do you have regular doctor visits to prove your condition? To prove your difficulty walking?

Upload the proof of doctor visits to Genworth.2) Do you have videotape of your difficulty at home?

Upload the video to Genworth's online portal.3) Have you been hospitalized for falls?4) Do you have early onset dementia or sundowners? Get a doctor to establish this in a letter.5) Do you have a walker and do you use it regularly?6) Did you keep up your premium payments after they discontinued your claim?


Just wait until you need to file a claim with them. They gladly take your money but stall in paying your claim and give you a completely run around.

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