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My father has had this long term health care policy for a long time. He had accumulated over $150,000 in benefits. At the the age of 86 , and health starting to fail him, and finally retiring because of that, he was in need of using some of the accumulated money from his policy. After about 6 months of using some of the funds for a hoyer lift , the company started sending out a bill for the premiums to be paid. Me, the son ,called to find out why he had received this bill. They had informed me that he had not been sending any bills to them for quite a few months , to keep the policy open without making premium payments. They said that the equipment did not count towards keeping the policy active without making the premium payment. After I asked wha did, they said , home care or a skilled nursing facility. If he was to go into a skilled nursing facility there would be a 100 day period before he would be able to use any of his $150,000 that he had accumulated. I said he had been having home care for almost a year, after he had been hospitalized for colon cancer surgery. They said that they would need to have those bills ( from his insurance company ) faxes to them for their review.

After going through all of my folks files and retrieving all of the bills from the insurance company, I faxed them to them. In the mean time we had received another bill for the premium. I received a phone call from them mid March 2018 from them wanting the phone number of the insurance company, which I gave them. I received another phone call April 18 th 2018 saying that the insurance that my father has is a Medicare supplement insurance which is not covered through his Genworth policy, so since his policy had been lapse since April 12th, that his claim is now closed. When I asked the lady, so the $150,000 that my father had accumulated over a several year period, is like disappeared ??? She started to go through a speel about his insurance has lapsed. I stopped her and I said , it’s a yes or no answer ! She started her speel again.

This policy is a joke !!! Most people who are in their 80’s are going to have a Medicare supplemental insurance policy. This will NOT be able to be used to file a claim, or have an open claim, to be able to use the money that has been accumulated through the years of the policy that you paid your premiums.

The policy is a JOKE and you will be wasting your money, thinking you will have a safety net when you get older !!!

DO NOT PURCHASE this type of policy !!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Genworth Health Insurance.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Read the policy. You don't "accumulate" money in a long term care policy.

You pay annual or monthly premium to keep the policy active. If you lapsed the premium payment for even one month, then the policy is null and void, without recourse. It's horrible, but that's what happens when seniors get older-- they stop paying the premium, and all the years that the policy were active go up in a puff of smoke with absolutely no recourse.

Of course, a law should be implemented preventing horrible companies from doing this, but alas. There is no law against it.