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My Mother, Doris E. Cowell, has been a 10 year policyholder with Genworth(previously AMEX and GE Capital).

The policy was purchased in the event of an eventuality of long term care. She entered Magnolia Springs on or about August 3rd 2017 which is an approved assisted living facility in Louisville KY. I filed her claim shortly after her move in. She is under their care and receives 2 Functional needs units (bathing and dressing)due to arthritis and fall risk.

Your phone representative indicated that you had not received my Mothers internist form nor the assisted living (Magnolia Springs) form. They were mailed in the envelopes provided by Genworth and mailed at the same time as the HIIPA forms so I find that strange. Regardless, by attachment, I am providing their contact data as well as additional information. " As a point of information, my Mother is close to 88, has had both hips and one knee replaced, has a torn rotator cuff caused by a flying piece of plywood off a restaurant roof years ago, has a severe case of osteoarthritis in all joints, has a metal plate in her right forearm as a result of a fall suffered last November which has restricted the use of her right arm(she is right handed) and periodically suffers from vertigo which makes her a fall risk.

These are just the more obvious aliments. " I am looking forward to a speedy and satisfactory conclusion to this claim. They have now denied our claim.

The internet is filled with negative experiences about this company which was recently sold to a Chinese company. They are preying upon the oldest and weakest in our society.

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Genworth now has an online portal for upload of documents like these. This keeps Genworth honest. Otherwise, Genworth can say "We never received the forms in the mail." Either use the online portal, or send the paper documents signature required upon delivery or via Fedex to prove receipt.

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